When ghosts drain energy from your electronics, pay attention

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When ghosts drain energy from your electronics, pay attention

Spirits can manipulate our electronics to communicate their desires and opinions. I’ve had multiple unexpected episodes that usually present themselves as an instantaneous loss of battery charge.

Of course, we must consider why a battery would die (other than from paranormal activity) such as from extreme cold, it’s old or expired, or it’s been drained due to usage.

Here are several strange occurrences that have happened to me over the years and the messages I believe the energies were trying to convey.

“Pay attention to me”

While at the Cal Neva Resort in Crystal Bay at Lake Tahoe, Nevada with KTVN, I recognized that sudden power drains could portend paranormal activity. We were in the hotel’s Frank Sinatra bungalow—Frank had once owned this hotel/casino—when the television camera battery died. As I handed a fresh one to the news photographer, the television remote levitated a few inches above the dresser then it dropped with a clang. The entire team, except for the camera man and me, witnessed its movement and gasped in unison.

“I don’t like it”

In 2013, I returned to the Goldfield Hotel with my family to take photos for “A Reluctant Spirit.”  Knowing the spirits there enjoy music (see my post The Appreciated Gift), I brought a recording of Clair de lune, which Debussy released shortly before the hotel opened in the early years of the 20th century. The boom box played three to four seconds of the song then stopped. My father couldn’t get it to work, even after inserting new batteries. We assumed the CD player was broken. However, once outside the building, it played beautifully. I guess Debussy wasn’t the music the spirits preferred to hear.

“Leave me alone”

During KTVN Channel 2’s investigation of the Goldfield Hotel in 2007 (if you read “A Reluctant Spirit,” you’ll remember this story), our team attempted to leave a video camera on in room 109, known as Elizabeth’s Room.

Room 109 in the Goldfield Hotel, Goldfield Nevada.

Room 109 in the Goldfield Hotel, Goldfield Nevada.

That afternoon the videographer successfully filmed the interior of her room when the caretaker, Virginia Ridgway, accompanied us. But later— after Virginia went home—a member of our team set up his video camera and twice its fresh batteries suddenly failed. While it was fairly cold when he put the second set of new batteries in it, the camera worked fine outside of Elizabeth’s room. However, when he reentered her space, it again wouldn’t function.

A month later, the KTVN team gathered for our final 2007 paranormal investigation at downtown Reno’s Levy Mansion (now the home of Sundance Books). This classic, colonnaded, three-story building is known for ghostly activity. The news team brought the satellite truck to transmit the live shot. The first night, just as the news anchor was preparing to go on the air, lightning struck the transmitter on nearby Slide Mountain, disabling its ability to receive the truck’s signal. The news crew decided to postpone the investigation to the following evening, so the footage could be incorporated into the newscast.

The next day back at the mansion, the news crew was assured the mountain transmitter was functioning. However, it never materialized when for some unexplained reason, the news station couldn’t receive the news van’s signal. Curiously later that evening at a different location, the same equipment performed fine.

Have you had similar experiences with the paranormal and equipment failure? If so, please share your stories with us.

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  1. Sharon Leong May 8, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    Thanks for sharing your stories of battery/electrical anomalies and mishaps as another form of communication from the spirit world. I, too, have experienced battery drain in Elizabeth’s room when I first investigated the Goldfield Hotel in 2005. My fully-charged camera battery would completely drain as soon as I stepped into Elizabeth’s room. However, the moment I stepped out of her room, the battery on my camera would show that it is fully-charged. I then stepped in and out of her room several times in succession in order to test the battery and the same thing happened repeatedly: battery showed empty inside her room; battery went back to full outside her room. (I subsequently learned from Virginia Ridgway, its caretaker, that Elizabeth does not like camera flashes.) Another electrical anomaly that I experienced was when my sister Anne and I stayed in Lady Grey’s apt. in Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, England. Shortly after we first arrived in her quarters, the bathroom light started flickering wildly. Somehow, we “knew” that it was a spirit in Lady Grey’s apt. causing that to happen. We begged it to stop flickering the bathroom light and that we meant them no harm. Almost upon command, the bathroom light stopped flickering and never did so again for the duration of the 3 nights that we spent in her quarters.

    • Kathleen May 8, 2015 at 2:09 pm

      What great stories, Sharon! I hadn’t thought about light fixtures, but it makes so much sense that they’d use that energy as well. Thank you for contributing to this conversation.

  2. Mark June 2, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Well this is the reason I am reading this article ,because I just had an experience. I built an electronic ultrasound sensor using Arduino. I tested it works, fine. When someone is in close proximity circuit sounds a buzzer and lights up the LED. I went to the kitchen to get some food and sensor started to react as if someone was in the room.
    Ok maybe it malfunctions then ,who knows. I then powered it from the battery rather than USB cable from computer.
    Same started happening in the evening. I was giving short pulses of beeps.

    I was curious its like someone would use morse code. I never used it before in my life so went to check online. When I checked I got this: ” I SEE,I SEE,I SEE, 5,H ” and then continuously beeping and then same again, till I just unplugged the whole thing and said that’s enough. Then I plugged it in again and it soon started to do the same until it drained out he battery. The 9V battery expires in 2017 DEC and I never used it for anything before. Funny coincidence is that my flat nr is 5.But again it could mean anything. I mean I neither believe it nor don’t believe it.

    • Kathleen Berry June 2, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me, Mark. I’m unfamiliar with electronic ultrasound sensors, but I know EMF meters–is this similar? With an EMF meter, kitchens can cause false positives because the meter picks up on the electrical flow from refrigerators or other appliances. I am intrigued by the Morse Code idea and the translation that means, I see, though. It’s also interesting that the battery died so quickly. Perhaps you can experiment with this in a place where there aren’t any electrical currents and see if anything happens there? Sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer. Have a great evening.

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