One of my readers, Kendra,* shared that a Christian pastor had told her that her family had a multi-generational curse put on it. She believed this as many of her kin—parents, grandparents, great grandparents and more—had suffered hardships.

The notion of a curse is hard for me to accept. Even so, decades ago, I worked with a woman who practiced black magic. She bragged about the curses she’d put on people. I never figured out if that was her way of empowering herself or sending the message to everyone: “Don’t mess with me.” A profoundly unhappy person, she believed herself victimized by the world.

Obviously, my former coworker believed in her ability to create misery for others, so I guess someone similar could’ve cursed the ancestors of the person who emailed me, sending waves of hatred to whoever had originally wronged him or her.

But could that hatred really manifest itself in a curse?

I believe the answer depends on the recipient of such negativity. If one internalizes the lower energy sent to them, then they are allowing the curse to influence them. If, instead, someone believes in the unconditional love and protection of the Most Divine, then she can deflect such evil and prevent it from influencing her.

I see this as another case of free will, where our decisions and emotional states can override what the Great I Am wants for us. The Most Divine grants us autonomy to grow and to, eventually, allow God to work in our lives.

So what about multi-generational curses?

Kendra had never thought about the possibility of a curse until the clergy woman brought it up. Further, only a religious leader looking to control her flock through fear would make such a declaration. I think it was irresponsible for the pastor to have told her this.

When I questioned Kendra about what made her think the curse was in force in her life, she cited her parents’ divorce and that she once encountered a demon. I asked about her life now. She stated she’s happy, contently married and recently adopted a young boy who’s brought her joy.

The idea of a curse holds power only if you allow it to. Trust in the Great I Am’s love and protection and other’s evil intentions will not affect you.

*Not her real name.