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The 5 best accessible haunted buildings near Reno, Part II

See last week’s post for details about three ghostly buildings. Gold Hill Hotel, Gold Hill, Nev. Not to be confused with the Goldfield in central Nevada, the Gold Hill Hotel is located about a mile southwest of Virginia City. Probably established around 1859, it’s one of the state’s oldest continually operating lodging establishments and has [...]

The 5 best accessible haunted buildings near Reno, Part I

A great number of haunted sites litter the greater Reno area. Some attribute the wealth of supernatural activity here to the region’s rich mining and Wild West heritage. The problem is few of these places are open to the public. Here are five paranormally active sites—where I’ve encountered ghosts—that you can easily visit. Cal Neva [...]

God created nature, so God is in nature

The Great I Am dazzles me every time I venture beyond the city limits. Mother Nature brims with such heavenly energy that no manmade sanctuary could ever feel as holy as God’s deserts, meadows, alpine heights, oceans, lakes and forests. Someone I love claims to live without spirituality. But I disagree. I see his countenance [...]

A neurosurgeon presents Proof of Heaven

When scientists acknowledge the authenticity of the afterlife, it makes me giddy. They validate my beliefs, even if they aren’t referring specifically to my experience. In the book, Proof of Heaven, Harvard-educated neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander, outlines how his near-death experience (NDE) proves we survive in a different dimension when our physical bodies cease to exist. [...]

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