P1020234When scientists acknowledge the authenticity of the afterlife, it makes me giddy. They validate my beliefs, even if they aren’t referring specifically to my experience. In the book, Proof of Heaven, Harvard-educated neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander, outlines how his near-death experience (NDE) proves we survive in a different dimension when our physical bodies cease to exist.

For seven days, Alexander lay in a coma with his neocortex off-line from a bacterial infection. This is the part of the brain responsible for consciousness—housing memory, language, emotion, visual and auditory awareness and logic. And since his neocortex wasn’t working, Alexander said his NDE can’t be blamed on a malfunctioning brain.

During his NDE, Alexander ascended to a beautiful, vibrant world. He and a beautiful girl rode something similar to the colorful wings of a butterfly. He soon realized his companion was his guide. Telepathically, she had presented him with three important messages:

  • “You are loved and cherished dearly, forever.”
  • “You have nothing to fear.”
  • “There is nothing you can do wrong.”

After this, he flew higher into puffy, pink-white clouds. Above him, flocks of transparent orbs soared while making heavenly, chanting music. Their surging joyful perfection was so strong, he could feel it.

Proof of Heaven espouses that we are all recipients of an amazing intensity of divine love, one so strong that “nothing can ever tear us away from God.”

The author believes it’s difficult to experience God’s all-encompassing love on Earth, because free will and societal pressures (to become wealthy and famous, for example) confine us, making us more fearful.

According to Alexander, our role here on Earth is become spiritually evolved. And, he believes that growth is closely monitored by those in the world above us. He said we all have beings on the other side watching out for us and helping us navigate our trials.

Further, Alexander insists the spiritual realm is not far away. He said it is among us, but vibrates at a different frequency that makes it difficult for us to detect. NDEs aren’t the only way to glimpse this dimension, though. He believes that through prayer and meditation, we can delve deeply into our consciousness and tap into the spirit world.

Many of his findings ring true to me. While I certainly didn’t have an NDE, my night at the Goldfield Hotel launched me into similar, profound revelations and encounters with multiple spirits. I also enjoyed intensities of unconditional, pure love unlike anything I’d ever experienced, just like Alexander did.

As individual scientists become believers, we can all hope for more research into the afterlife and a better understanding of the world beyond.