Monthly Archives: March 2015

10 steps to prepare yourself for healing

Thanks to reader Bryce for requesting this topic. While I believe healing occurs when and if the Most Divine decides it will happen, we can prepare ourselves for renewed health. These actions also provide a precious benefit: an increased sense of peace. I’ll probably never know why God waited 18 years to reinvigorate my body. [...]

Every day brings a gift; let’s be grateful for it

When I’m at peace, I find each day brings me a small present, one that further boosts my gratitude and infuses additional joy into my routine. It could take the form of someone appreciating my work, or me witnessing a dazzling sunrise, encountering wildlife or laughing heartily with loved ones. Unfortunately, I’m not at peace [...]

Heavenly inspiration leads to creativity, invention

Thanks to regular reader Kristin for suggesting this post. Can the acts of creating and inventing be divinely inspired and is it very common? I believe the answer is “yes.” For me, there’s no doubt A Reluctant Spirit’s wording was sent from above to me. As most of you know, I spent a year trying [...]

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