Thanks to reader Bryce for requesting this topic.

While I believe healing occurs when and if the Most Divine decides it will happen, we can prepare ourselves for renewed health. These actions also provide a precious benefit: an increased sense of peace.

I’ll probably never know why God waited 18 years to reinvigorate my body. Perhaps the Supreme Being felt I’d learned all I could from those illnesses. And, maybe those people around me grew as well from my trials. I do know that prior to my miraculous physical rebirth, I’d improved my attitudes about my far-from-perfect health and my relationship with the Great I Am.

10 steps to refocus your outlook:

  1. Let go and give yourself over to your faith. Accept where you are in your journey and don’t wait to live your life until it is better (Letting go is different from giving up). When you let go, it’s easier to release your fears (Overcoming fear). This allows you to focus on faith and hope.
  2. Nurture your body. Honor your physical shell by giving it what it needs: sleep, good nutrition and if you are able, exercise. Discard bad habits (i.e., smoking) that take a toll on it.
  3. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Pay attention to how you react to challenging situations. We can have control over those reactions, even if we can’t change our situation. Further, realize your health condition does not define you.
  4. Don’t blame yourself for your illness. Recognize that you are worthy of healing (You are worthy).
  5. God gave you a brain; use it. Research your situation. Make a list of questions about it. Then speak to your doctor. If you know what aggravates your condition, avoid it.
  6. Open your heart. Reach out to others. Even at your lowest, you can always help a friend in need, even if it’s just listening when she needs to be heard.
  7. Seek out positive, loving people. Protect yourself from toxic people, but at the same time, realize their negativity stems from their own challenges. Send them love and understanding, but don’t allow their trials to become yours. Surround yourself with those who energize, respect and encourage you.
  8. Discover your unique truth by opening your mind to a greater reality. Explore and respect others’ beliefs. Delve into the world’s healing traditions. Develop your own road map to the divine by following what resounds in your heart.
  9. Enhance your relationship with the Great I Am through building your knowledge, and expressing love and respect. Study spiritual writings. Pray. Meditate. Be grateful.
  10. Know that everything occurs in its own time and that spiritual and personal growth don’t come easily. I believe the Most Divine has a reason for our tribulations.

For me, being ill for almost two decades helped me shed many of my less-than-ideal characteristics, leaving me stronger, more compassionate and wanting different results from my life.