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For me, becoming Born Again was a supernatural event

One of the most emotional paranormal experiences I had was the instant I became a Born Again Christian. Ironically, that event led me to a church whose pastor taught that all supernatural occurrences were of Satan. Below is a scene from “A Reluctant Spirit” (which was deleted during my last rewrite) that illustrates the power [...]

Kathleen’s Upcoming Events

Meet Kathleen at one of these upcoming events!   Sat., April 26   Virginia City, Nevada Authors and Artists Event Join Kathleen as well as other Nevada authors and artists from 1 to 5 p.m. in the historic St.Paul's Episcopal Church in Virginia City (near St. Mary's Catholic Church). I'll be selling and signing books. This [...]

The Mission Mirror vs. Oscar Wilde

Thank you to Sharon Leong for writing this post.  Sharon, who teaches each year at the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, is a talented paranormal investigator based out of San Francisco. One of my most memorable spiritual encounters happened about twenty years ago, shortly after my purchase of an antique mission mirror. I had just [...]

Even if you don’t realize it, your departed loved ones visit you

When grief grips us, we can be desperate to receive a signal from our loved ones who’ve crossed over. We may think that if we don’t sense anything, they are nowhere around us. But this isn’t necessarily so. A main reason we may be unaware of our dear ones is that they know their presence [...]

Be selective about séances

I’m not a big fan of séances. I’m sure a lot of it comes from my Christian upbringing, but it’s also because I know some circles are led by inexperienced people. A séance leader needs to be able to control the environment and ensure the safety of its participants. It’s not that I’ve had any [...]

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