I’m not a big fan of séances. I’m sure a lot of it comes from my Christian upbringing, but it’s also because I know some circles are led by inexperienced people. A séance leader needs to be able to control the environment and ensure the safety of its participants. It’s not that I’ve had any bad experiences, but I know others who have.

That’s why when a college student asked me what I thought about him and his buddies holding a séance, I discouraged him. He lives in a dorm that was built over an old graveyard and they wanted to see if anyone haunted their building.

If you want to experience an energy circle anyway, look for an experienced psychic/medium who:

  • can handle situations as they arise, whether it’s a spirit looking for help to get to the other side or stopping a negative energy from coming through.
  • is rooted in positivity and love. Some leaders use music to raise the room’s energy; others say prayers. An upbeat personality is necessary, as like attracts like.
  • is knowledgeable in instructing others how to protect themselves and can envelop the group with protection as well.
  • can control which spirits they allow into the circle. I participated in one séance where a spirit turned hateful. As soon as the leader realized this, she sent it back to where it came from.

I’ve been in energy circles that are uplifting. And some that have raised the little hairs on the back of my neck and filled me with apprehension. For the best séance experience, use discernment and pick a group led by a qualified person.

What have your séance experiences been like?