We all have different spiritual purposes. When our daily activities align with our life’s mission, we grow more content and happier.

However, it can be difficult to determine how we’re meant to impact the world and make it a better place. Our callings could manifest themselves in our chosen careers, such as working in the health care field. Or perhaps through our activities outside of our jobs.

Our good works may be performed on an individual basis or a grand scale. Or we may need to play them out in front of others or behind the scenes. Our responsibilities to the divine are as varied as our population.

A friend of mine used to serve as an Episcopal minister. He’s still ordained, but he gave up church activities several years ago. He’s told me that leaving that post freed him to better achieve his spiritual aspirations. He does that through his volunteer work and in daily interactions with his coworkers and clients.

Three months after my transformational Goldfield Hotel experience, I launched a quest to figure out my purpose. I prayed. I meditated. I searched for opportunities and clues. Later, I realized the answer had been evident the whole time, yet I’d refused to recognize it. It is to empower others by authentically sharing my spiritual journey. Not any easy task for someone who’d always guarded her religious beliefs and privacy.

When I stay on track and remain open to whatever comes my way, I experience a confidence and contentment stronger than what I’d ever felt before. (Plus, I don’t snack on chocolate as often—but that’s a different post!) For what happens when I become selfish, see my post, “My selfishness hinders my spiritual purpose.”

I advise you to allow yourself (if you haven’t already) to be open to God’s will and don’t expect it to look like anyone else’s journey. You’ll find it a rewarding, humbling experience. When the divine works through me—whether it’s what I’ve said or written—I receive blessings every day.

So, trust that your purpose will become evident to you, and that when it does, God will give you the tools (in my case, courage) to pursue your journey.