I’d been the type of person who didn’t like surprises. One who’d sought control over what happened in my life. I’d planned and executed actions, expecting everything to come together how and when I wanted it to. But do you know what? All I ended up with was stress, frustration and disappointment. In attempting to live a well-planned life, I found that I’d closed myself off to other opportunities because I rigidly clung to what I believed the shape my life had to take.

I still struggle occasionally with this and during some meditations, I’m told to get out my way so I can live a bigger, more rewarding life. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Three steps to get out of your way

  • Give up overthinking; let your heart—not your head—guide you.
  • Reach out to people beyond your tribe.
  • Embrace the lessons you learn when you make mistakes.

Let your heart guide you
Overthinking leads to making assumptions and only feeds your urge to worry. This keeps you in a personal prison, restricting you to live in the smaller world you are comfortable in. When you listen to your heart instead of your mind, you soften, becoming more flexible and open to a larger way of life.

When you listen to and act on your intuition—that sense that connects us with the Most Loving—you are heeding your heart’s desire. This increases your faith so that when you experience an unexpected life turn, you’ll recognize it as being orchestrated by the heavens. You can then achieve peace in knowing that you’re where you are supposed to be.

Venture beyond your tribe
Technology makes it easy to live in isolation and develop an “us vs. them” mentality. But you were never meant to be an island. Like everyone else, you’ll thrive when you go beyond your tribe and make connections with those who think and believe differently than you do.

When my job had required that I work with psychics and paranormal investigators, I had to face the stereotypes and judgments I’d placed on these people. I remember being surprised at the thoughtfulness and intelligence of those I’d belittled for being weak-minded. Later, after my Goldfield experience, I relied on these same people to help me navigate the strange world I’d suddenly found myself in.

This experience taught me never to judge others. It’s alright if I can’t relate to what some believe. By reaching out, I’ve connected with and recognized their humanity. I realize that something that doesn’t resonate with me now, doesn’t mean it won’t resonate with me in the future. I don’t feel threatened or fearful by our differences.

Be brave enough to make mistakes
Perfection is meaningless. It’s easy not to make mistakes when you never expand into new territory. But that is also stifling. There is nothing gained from stagnating and the rewards of expanding your world are vast. If you make an error, learn from it. Then you can proudly wear this badge of honor. It proves that you’re courageously exploring outside of your comfort zone.

Let’s see mistakes as part of the plan to become freer, and to live as modern-day adventurers.