Recently, a man posted on a Facebook group I manage, inviting anyone to come to his home to investigate paranormal activity. I was surprised that someone would ask those he knew nothing about to his abode. It’s not like we’re bonded and licensed contractors. And, while most ghost hunting teams are legitimate, each has its own style of conducting an investigation.

Research different groups to see which one best fits your needs

Here are some tips:

Google the teams you’re interested in and read about them. Are there client reviews? Do they have a website or Facebook page as most well-established groups do? Try to learn the following:

  • Do they charge a fee? As most pursue this outside their paying jobs, many reputable groups don’t charge. While psychics and mediums are more likely to charge for their services, not all do.
  • How long have they been involved in the paranormal field? It’s best if there is at least one person in the group who taken part in investigations regarding a variety of paranormal situations.
  • What is their training? Classes and conferences are now available nationwide. You don’t want someone whose sole instruction has been from viewing television shows.
  • How do they conduct hunts? Is this a psychic-based group, a technology-centered organization or a hybrid of both? Do team members have specific roles, such as a sensitive/intuitive, historian or electronic voice phenomena specialist? If you’re looking up psychics or mediums, do they work remotely and only need a phone conversation or two?

After you’ve learned the basics, email or call the team leader for additional information. Don’t feel bad about screening prospects, as they will be vetting you as well.

  • How have they resolved issues with spirits? What is their philosophy regarding the paranormal? In my experience, if someone believes everything ethereal is negative, this is a warning flag, and they could end up bringing negative energy into your home. Do they have experience clearing spirits and do they assess the situation first to decide if a clearing is the best option?
  • Explain your comfort level and what you’ll allow them to do in your home. How many people are permitted inside? Do you need to be present? Are you okay with séances, Ouija boards or burning sage for clearing purposes?
  • Find out how they’ll share their conclusions and how long you’ll wait for their findings. Some groups compile written reports with photos. Others will call with their details or email EVP clips and photos for your information. Find out the turnaround time for results. Note: it can take weeks to comb through digital recordings, video and such, especially if the team members have full-time jobs outside the paranormal field.
  • Can you get a personal referral? This may be more difficult as some who’ve experienced paranormal activity are reluctant to admit it. If you can receive a referral from someone you know, that’s always the best avenue.

What else would you suggest for someone to find out about a team before engaging it to visit?