A man, the lone-survivor of a shipwreck, was floating in the sea, clinging to debris. He prayed to God to save him. Shortly after that, a boat came by and the occupants offered him a ride. The man declined, saying, “I’m waiting for God to save me.” He continued to plea to God to spare his life. Soon after, another boat arrived, offering him assistance. His reply was the same, that he was waiting for God. The man died and ascended to Heaven where he asked the Most Divine, “Why didn’t you save me?” The Great I Am replied, “I did. I sent two boats.”

This old story demonstrates how we can ignore the miracles the Great I Am arranges for us every day, events that require we pay attention and use the resources granted to us. The Most Supreme Being does answers our prayers, but not necessarily in ways we expect.

All the prayer in the world doesn’t mean you should take a spectator role in life.

After my instantaneous healing, my first expectations were that my body would be as it had been 18 years earlier. But that’s not what I found. After almost two decades of inactivity, my muscles had atrophied into rock-hard, inflexible obstacles. Also, my stamina stunk.

God had vanquished disease from my body—ridding me of the crippling pain, powerful weakness and debilitating mental fog—but the Most Divine didn’t pave Easy Street for me.

Soon, I realized I needed to be responsible for my full recovery. I worked with weights and a personal trainer, and I walked more aggressively. But I continued to injure myself no matter how cautious I was. Once, I woke up in the morning with a newly pulled muscle.

But I didn’t give up. I kept seeking answers. I knew “the Lord will provide.” It was just up to me to use my brain and be aware of opportunities the Most Supreme Being presented.

A fitness studio opened within two miles from my home. And, its gentle yoga classes fit perfectly with my strange work schedule. While I had some reservations regarding yoga from a previous pastor who said it was a Satanistic practice, I tried it any way. And, it was unpleasant. I couldn’t move into any of the poses as they were supposed to be done—except for the final relaxation pose of lying on my back!

During the short drive home, however, I realized my muscles felt a smidgeon less rigid. I knew in my heart that this was the answer to my prayers.

I’ve been practicing yoga now for two years. I’m at a different studio and still in the beginner’s class, but I can work into most of the poses. My muscles move freely, allowing me to enjoy hiking and other activities, and I’ve stopped pulling them from mundane activities like sleeping. Each month, I see improvements in my well-being.

While the Most Divine healed me in one sweeping, miraculous act, I was expected to work to reclaim my quality of life. I had to use my mind. Respect and tend to my body. Take initiative. And stick to the exercise classes, even when I was so tired, all I wanted to do was lie down.

Our greatest miracles are the gifts we were born with. Let’s use them to meet God part of the way.