Thanks to regular reader, Holly, for suggesting this topic.

Many times as an adult, I’ve wished I’d been more aware of my psychic sensitivity as a child, so that I could’ve strengthened this sense and been more attuned to my surroundings.

“Children are usually very aware of the energy around them,” said Gail Hansen, psychic, owner of the Metaphysical Learning Center and instructor for the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series.

So what could you do to foster your child’s intuition? Hansen suggested these four steps to foster your child’s intuitive ability and monitor their safety.

  • Ask your child simple questions about what they see, hear or feel. This can help you figure out who your child may be interacting with (such as a crossed over loved one). Don’t interrogate them so that they might become fearful and close off their psychic ability.
  • Read books by professionals in the field, such as Growing Up Psychic by Chip Coffey and Parenting with Presence by Susan Stiffelman.
  • Pay attention to changes in your child’s willingness to talk as this could indicate they’re dealing with a darker energy. If their experience sounds strange, stop the conversation for your kid’s highest good. Or, if you can’t keep the conversation light, consider bringing in a qualified professional to remove the energy without the removal process adversely affecting the child.
  • Encourage your children to talk to you first about their experiences. Depending on their ages, they may think nothing of sharing them with neighbors, day care teachers and such. If ridiculed by others, they may shun their ESP tendencies.

“Remember that your children’s experiences are theirs and are real to them. They should not be dismissed as imagination or invalidated in any way unless you sense something is not quite right,” Hansen added.

Do you have any tips on how to foster this sense in children?