Thank you, Holly, for requesting this subject.

When a premonition through a dream became reality, I labeled it a weird coincidence. And, when I felt unseen eyes watching me or couldn’t shake the sensation that I wasn’t alone, I attributed it to my active imagination.

So when an instructor I work with proclaimed, “You can sense spirits. Pay attention to it,” I became offended. I knew she meant well. She was just wrong.

Or so I thought.

As my regular blog readers realize, my experience at the Goldfield Hotel (GFH) opened my “third” eye; I became aware of paranormal energies around me. Images, voices and a flash of certainty about events I couldn’t have known about (i.e. a friend being abruptly hospitalized) bombarded me for three months after that night.

Through my experiences and from discussions with psychics and mediums, I’ve come to believe we all possess the sixth sense. Like eyesight, some are born with hawk-like vision, while others, like me, wear glasses to see well. With ESP, you could’ve been born with heightened insight or with average skills that can be strengthened through practice and awareness.

Children instinctively tap into this realm.

That is, until adults negate their experiences by telling them nothing is in their rooms or that their friends are imaginary. Slowly, many of us ignore or block these abilities due to societal logic, religious teachings, peer pressure or just plain fear.

Grow your intuitive sense and improve your health.

In Leap of Faith: Transforming Physical and Emotional Pain into Spiritual Growth, author Jeffrey Millman, MD wrote, “Connecting with Invisible Energy is always possible. At any one moment in time it merely requires an act of human will to generate that alliance. God and our Higher self are always present.”

A preventive medicine doctor, Millman believes tapping into our psychic abilities help us achieve mind, body and spirit balance; further develop our spirituality; learn the lessons we set out to learn; and in turn, improve our quality of life, including our health. His book outlines how to use meditation and kinesiology to reawaken this sense.

You can develop your intuition.

It’s there waiting for you to acknowledge it. Here’s how:

  • Attend classes (see link below)
  • Read books (see Dr. Millman’s book and the titles below)
  • Meditate or carve out quiet time each day
  • Heed that little voice inside your mind

My best advice to you: When looking for a suitable class, pick an instructor who comes from an affirming perspective. Fear and negativity will only stifle your progress.

Don’t ignore your psychic sense any longer.

You have the ability to connect with a greater reality.

Come, join the conversation. How have you honed your intuitive abilities?

Resources on developing your sixth sense.

  Divine Guidance: How to Have a Dialogue with God and Your Guardian Angels by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life by John Edward (while I’m not Catholic and don’t own a rosary, I still found this book to be helpful)

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman

Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series