“Not all who want to come to Earth and take a body are allowed this opportunity.” I stared at this passage that I’d free written in January. I had no idea what it meant.

I prayed for divine guidance to better understand what I was being shown. After a few weeks, I received the clarification, “Living on Earth’s physical plane is a gift that was given to you. Not all souls who want a body are given one.”

Our physical existence is a gift.
Possessing a body is not a right or guarantee. We were selected for this, while others were denied the opportunity. As of Nov. 2021, 7.9 billion people dwelled on our planet. That’s 7.9 billion gifts bestowed by God.

Wow. I’d never considered that I needed to be grateful to have a body. But why were we selected over others?

During meditation, I was told, “You have this time because the Most Divine knows you will use it wisely.”

We have been judged worthy to live a 3-dimensional life. More so than others. The Most Divine believes in our potential. Believes in us. While this is immensely humbling and motivational, it comes with great responsibility.

“Use it wisely” refers to our current period of physicality, as our eternal souls are energy. Having a body creates opportunities and challenges not inherent in the spirit realm. The limitations of a bodily existence offer unprecedented challenges, but abundant blessings as well. This all leads to spiritual growth—lessons that could not be learned in an ethereal environment.

My body has demonstrated great resilience over two long periods of chronic illness. It teaches me to be adaptable and to appreciate how hard my body works to overcome obstacles. Strangely enough, it was my human shell that taught me I’m not limited by disease, my physical abilities or my looks. My body helped me see that we all greater than what we see in each other.

We have a responsibility to do our best.
Since we claimed a body that could’ve gone to someone else, we must assume responsibility and make the most of this privileged journey. Let’s take responsibility for our actions and thoughts; help others through their struggles; and be a kind steward to our planet and all of its life forms.

We are meant to live in joy, love and gratitude with respect and compassion for all. Especially so, when circumstances or others challenge us. Growth comes when we

  1. become aware of our impatience, frustration or when we judge others (or ourselves) harshly, and
  2. then look inward to see how we can work fruitfully within that situation.
  3. Once we catch ourselves in these unhealthy states of mind, we can switch our inner scripts to ones full of grace and patience.

Life in the physical realm presents a rich tapestry of the senses. Imagine never knowing how a cool breeze on a summer day feels. The excitement and preciousness of romantic love. A puppy curled up beside you. The scent of a rose, freshly opened. A sparrow’s song. A child’s authentic smile. The aroma of a fresh baked pie and the satisfaction of that first bite.

Let’s take time to examine our lives.
Start by asking ourselves:

  • How do I cope when I am limited by health issues or a lack of resources?
  • How easily do I get frustrated, disappointed or angry?
  • Have I grown my awareness of love’s power and the resilience provided through faith?
  • How am I using my time on Earth wisely?

This topic leads me to another question: “Why are people who create division and violence are on Earth?” Read what I found out in my next post.