We all know the feeling of trying to reach a goal and repeatedly, frustratingly running into one barrier after another.  I believe our intuition can be instrumental in helping us select more productive paths in life.

So why do we keep running into barriers?

  • We possess free will.
  • We have the right to pursue the wrong avenue to achieve what we think we need.
  • If it doesn’t fit with God’s plan, we hit a gauntlet of obstacles.
  • Hopefully, we change direction before being struck in the head by a virtual wooden plank (stressful setback).

God gifts us with insight

The truth that resounds in me says God collaborates with our soul before we are born to orchestrate our lives—determining what we need to learn and the life goals we should achieve.

The Great I Am expects us to pay attention to His prompts (and those of His emissaries), which require a willingness to receive intuition. When we follow our gut and change direction to meet a goal we are meant to reach, barriers break down and we realize success.

I keep relearning this lesson.

I’m stubborn. There was no way I’d write a memoir about the pivotal night at the Goldfield Hotel (GFH). No putting myself out there and destroying my own privacy so people could label me a whacko.


So I attempted to turn it into a novel. No matter how much I’d fictionalize my experiences or change names, I’d never proceeded past the first chapter. I’d rationalized that if I stayed the course, I’d eventually find the right style and get my creative mojo on.


Pleading the need for moral support, a friend persuaded me to accompany her to a memoir- writing class. Silently, I vowed not to write a word about the GFH.

But the real story of GFH glommed onto my heart. And, it wouldn’t ease off.

For the second to last class, I drafted a sanitized version of GFH, honest, yet portraying only the mellowest of the paranormal occurrences. My peers raptly listened and the teacher encouraged me to write a book about it.

After a month more of stewing, I vowed to accurately portray that night and its effects on me. The words gushed from my brain and into my typing fingers so rapidly, I could barely keep up.