A sleeping bag and pillow figured prominently among the belongings I hauled to Goldfield, Nevada. Honestly, I anticipated a snore-fest—a tedium of wandering long, Spartan halls and cloned guestrooms that would make any intelligent woman long for a good night’s sleep.

But fate finds pleasure in pitching monkey wrenches at our expectations. Here are some of the lessons I learned from spending 12 hours in a long-shuttered hotel with no power, water or furniture, but teeming with spirits:

The dark no longer holds me captive.

As long as I can remember, I’d had an irrational fear of the dark.  At night, I’d secure the closet door, as the black void of an opened closet gave me chills. When I’d arise in the middle of the night, I’d train my eyes at my feet, so I wouldn’t notice the shadows.

My experience at the Goldfield Hotel (GFH) freed me. After all, I successfully endured a night in a haunted hotel. The evening no longer holds trepidation for me.


  • I have control. I can ask spirits to leave.
  • I can pray to God to not allow them to wake or startle me.
  • Ghosts can’t hurt me unless I allow it.

I’m no longer frightened because I have the power to set boundaries and create a sanctuary.

Hollywood ghosts sell movie tickets and boost ratings.

Forget blood running down walls. And vindictive specters murdering hapless victims. And don’t get me started on the TV ghost hunters yelling, acting obnoxious and demonstrating disrespect for spirits or the historic sites they visit.

I’ve found you attract what you put out there. Like bodied souls, if you treat spirits with kindness and respect, you’ll receive the same in kind. Since that evening, I’ve met polite, sad, empathetic and playful ghosts.

We are not our bodies; we are our souls.

What makes our loved ones our loved ones? It’s their personalities, their loving natures. In one word, it’s their souls. Our bodies tether us to Earth. And, when our outer shells die, the true essence of who we are continues on. Heaven sets our spirits free to visit loved ones who’ve crossed, loved ones still in their bodies and the places we’ve enjoyed or longed to see.

Paranormal experiences can accelerate psychic growth.

After GFH, I heard and saw spirits. During meditation I learned a friend fell critically ill. I didn’t receive hot stock tips or learn how to become a millionaire. But this sixth sense provided me with another tool to better negotiate life.

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