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Just like people, not all spirits come from an affirming place. Some may try to veer you off your spiritual path while others will help you forge a deeper relationship with the Great I Am. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine whether you want to interact with a particular spirit.

Does the spirit feed your ego, greed or selfishness?

Energies that tap into your insecurities or elevate you above others seek to distance you from the divine.

Does the spirit convey a negative viewpoint?

Emotions such as anger, revenge, hatred and envy are unproductive and hurtful. Conversely, energies projecting love and encouraging you to help others through difficult periods will take you closer to God.

Fear of ghosts doesn’t reliably indicate an energy’s intent.

It’s natural to fear what you don’t understand or to be startled by something unexpected. Fear comes from within you.

Before interacting, pray for protection and discernment.

Let the Great I Am guide you and help you get the most from your spirit communication. If you’ve determined this energy is a negative force, respectfully tell it to leave and to stay away. God’s given us control over spirits visiting our realm.

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