Seeking clues to the afterlife leads many to ghost hunting

Once I experienced unexplained activity, I caught glimpses of what awaits us once we leave this physical realm.

What energies have taught me about life after death:

  • Spirits interact with each other; they don’t exist in a vacuum. It’s not unusual to gather EVPs or other evidence that suggests multiple energies are present in one place.
  • Some choose to come to our physical plane. Many spirits travel between dimensions. They may visit loved ones or places they remember fondly.
  • Like people, energies can be friendly, angry, curious or sad.
  • They like to have fun. I’ve listened to EVPs where something unseen laughs. I’ve even had a spirit dance with me (see Dancing with the Ghosts 2012)
Photo by Sarah Buxton.

Photo by Sarah Buxton.










The Other Side exudes ultimate love

From personal experiences and hearing those of my readers, I’ve realized that love reigns supreme in the spirit realm. Perhaps regular reader Tracy M. put it best when sharing a dream visitation she’d had:

“I asked Kiara (Tracy’s deceased pet) if she missed me as much as I missed her. She replied, ‘No. I was so well-loved while I was with you, and all that love stays with me today.’”

My experiences with crossed-over loved ones have been accompanied by the purest, most overwhelming love, one that’s a 1000 times stronger than our earthly version.

The afterlife is a network of shared connections

Janice Oberding, a pioneer in the field of paranormal investigation, believes there is no physicality to the afterlife. “We share a connection through our minds, emotions. Think of thousands of computers connected to a network. The Other Side is sort of like that.” At death, Janice says one of our first discoveries is we’re all connected.

Understanding this commonality, Janice feels that our minds are the most important tool to use during an investigation, rather than equipment. When we use our mind’s eye, we can pick up on energy projections, some which present themselves similarly to a movie playing in our heads.

Unimaginable beauty

When Gail Hansen, a co-owner of the Metaphysical Learning Center in Reno, sat at the Mother of Sorrows Cemetery waiting for her husband, she wasn’t waiting for anything paranormal to happen.

Then she noticed spirits soaring gently above her. She noted that they looked like any other humans, but were ethereal. One energy, an Italian woman with bob-cut hair, wore clothing from the 1940s or `50s. She told Gail, “If you could only imagine how beautiful it is up here, you would never worry about anything again.”

Because Gail knew she tended to worry too much, she knew the energy was speaking to her. As she contemplated the being’s message to her, a sense of peace descended on her.

Gail, who considers her psychic ability to be a gift from God, has had numerous encounters with entities, all whom were dressed in clothing of their time and gave the appearance of having physical, but transparent bodies.

Parallel dimensions may reflect in ours

Sharon Leong, a co-director of technology for the San Francisco Ghost Society, thinks we travel to a parallel dimension after we pass away. “I believe in the survival of the personality after we separate from our physical bodies.”

She shared a story of when her father crossed over. “Before my father passed away 4 years ago, I told him to envision the most beautiful place he could imagine and that was where he would go. On the morning of his death, we (his immediate family) witnessed the most beautiful sunrise.

The body dies, but the mind lives on.”