See last week’s post for more information on this subject.

Fresh, yet dead, batteries

Frequently when fresh batteries die, it’s an indication of a spirit’s presence. Every time Mark Constantino took his video camera into Elizabeth’s room at the Goldfield Hotel (GFH) during the KTVN investigation, it would stop working even though the fully-charged batteries worked in other places. At the Cal Neva Resort while cameraman Jeff Foss changed out his camera battery, the room’s television remote levitated in front of five people on our team.

Missed calls

A couple years after her son’s passing, Harriet received a message on her answering machine from her son. Similarly, Jim received a voice mail from his departed wife about a month after she crossed over. I heard that strange message; the voice sounded feminine, but fast and unnaturally high-pitched.

Turn it on

Spirits can turn lights and appliances on and off. In Dr. Annette Childs’ book, Halfway Across the River: Messages of hope from the other side, she writes about Don and his wife who had a routine of friendly verbal sparring as Don would relax in the Jacuzzi and his wife watched television in the adjoining room. One night, after her death, he was sitting in the spa when his bedroom TV turned on, its volume blaring. He jumped out of the tub and walked into the empty bedroom, before realizing that it was his wife letting him know she was okay.

Moving experience

Some ethereal beings can harness enough energy to move objects. The Ghost Adventures TV show filmed a brick being thrown by an unseen force in the GFH basement (which was later confirmed through an EVP during our later investigation). When places are being renovated, it’s not uncommon for workers to report tools going missing or found in strange locations.

In what ways have you sensed spirits trying to get your attention? Please comment on this post and let me know. I love a good ghost story!