For three months after Goldfield, my psychic ability sped ahead at a dizzying pace. Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed at the time, I never considered the importance of controlling the frantic growth of this sense.

Looking back now, I see it was inevitable that something would happen to push me too far. And it did, causing me to erect the Great Wall of Kathleen between me and the spirit world.

Why did I do this? I’d badly misinterpreted a premonition. And it scared the brimstone right out of me! On Christmas Eve 2007, when the flash went off during a family photo, I mentally saw a brief glimpse of next year’s family photo. One of my male family members was missing. It was over so quickly, I couldn’t determine who was gone, but I concluded this premonition foreboded death. I obsessed and worried away much of my stomach lining.

Stifling my intuition was the only way I thought I could protect myself.  And, being scared, I never considered handling this situation differently.

During most of 2008, I anxiously waited for the miserable event that would take someone’s life. Thank God it never happened. It turned out someone missed our holiday celebration, but it didn’t mean he was gone for good.

I’m not the only one who’s completely shut down this ability. A psychically talented friend of mine did the same thing. Washing dishes one night, she startled at a strange being that popped up on the other side of the window, terrifying her. Even though it happened decades ago, she still hasn’t been able to “see” spirits like she once had.

Some tips to keeping your intuitive growth in check

1)      Control your situation. If your abilities are accelerating to a point where you are uncomfortable with it, pray for its progress to slow down.

2)      Set boundaries. Depending on your sensitivities, ask the Most Divine that you not be startled, that nothing unworldly appears to you or ask to be given warning, so you can prepare yourself.

3)      Never jump to conclusions. If I’d taken my premonition for what it was at its most elementary level—that one of my family members wouldn’t be celebrating the holiday with us, I would’ve avoided a load of stomach acid and misery, and my intuitive abilities could’ve kept progressing. More than six years later, my sixth sense is only a fraction of what it had been when I shut it down.

4)      Seek out a talented intuitive for advice on how to handle your gift and the challenges that are especially unnerving for you.

I hope that you’ll avoid the mistake I’d made, so you can continue your growth. Intuition is a tool: one that when used correctly and in balance with your other talents can reap great benefits.