Seeking answers: Why Ouija’s shouldn’t be used

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Seeking answers: Why Ouija’s shouldn’t be used

One unusually hot, spring day, my buddy and I escorted my younger brother and his friend on the long trek home from 6th grade. Lithe palm trees, lining the street, cast little soothing shade. So since we were dropping off my brother at his friend’s house (about half-way between Rowland Avenue Elementary and home), we stopped for a drink of water.

Mrs. Case, her hair puffed up and heavily sprayed, handed us each a glass and set down a plate of cookies. The boys grabbed several treats and ran outside, slamming the screen door behind them.

“Do you want to play a game before you head home?” She opened the hall closet door. Stacks of colorful boxes crowded the shelf. Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, and Life. But I didn’t see my favorite, the bright pink box with Mystery Date printed on the side.

“This one, Ouija, will predict your futures,” she said. “Wanna play?”

“We gee,” we parroted. Like every preteen girl, we imagined what our futures would hold.

She withdrew an odd brown board covered with capital alphabet letters, the numbers zero to nine and the words “Yes,” “No,” “Hello” and “Goodbye” in black writing. In addition, the stars, sun and moon crowded the playing surface. Mrs. Case then set down on the maple dining room table a strange piece of wood shaped like a heart.

“It’s best if you sit across from each other. And, lightly place your fingers on the top of the mover,” she instructed. “Ask it a question, then let it wander wherever it wants. I’m going to start dinner. If you need anything, just holler.”

“I’ll go first,” I said. “Who will be my husband?” I held my breath as it moved slowly without my help.

K…..E…..N   It stopped dead on the N.

“Ken?” I giggled. “The only Ken I know dates Barbie.”

We laughed.

“My turn!” my friend exclaimed.

We asked it quite a few other questions, none of which I remember, except for the very last one.

“Who are you?” I queried. What mysterious being could be playing with us? A genie? An angel? 

The mover slid haltingly around the board, as if it didn’t know what to spell. My friend smiled at me in anticipation.



It started sliding a little faster.    V……I…….

As it moved to the L, I jerked my fingers off the cold heart and pushed away from the table.

*                            *                             *

Many psychics warn of using a Ouija, saying it indiscriminately summons any type of spirit, including dark ones. Once when I told a seer of my recurring problems with shadow people, he asked me if I’d used Ouija at the condo where we lived at the time. He thought perhaps someone had and unknowingly opened a portal to the spirit world there.

Evil lurks on the Other Side, just as it exists here on Earth. And we should never naively invite a spirit without caution and God’s protection.


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  1. Jean May 9, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Chilling. And so many of us have “played” with ouija boards.

    • Kathleen May 9, 2012 at 10:39 am

      Yes, I wonder how many people have brought negative energy to themselves with this “game.” Thank you!

      • Rishab June 13, 2012 at 9:06 am

        Ouija boards do work on the idmooetor effect. If you were actually contacting dead people it would be pretty easy to prove by asking them to supply unique information which could be verified, but all anybody gets is stuff they make up or stuff they already know.How can it spell words perfectly it can spell as well as the people participating in the session. How does after using the ouija board odd things happen? Strangely enough odd things don’t happen to skeptics after using it.How can i spells out sentences when other people are using it too because most sentences follow a logical format that is predictable.How come some people die from using them. I read ths thing about a lady who asked the ouija board when she is gonna die and she died like a week later got hit by a car aside from that being just a story, what about if I ate marmalade on toast and then got hit by a car, would that prove marmalade is dangerous or could it be an unrelated event?References :

        • Kathleen June 14, 2012 at 7:30 am

          You bring up an interesting point about people planting ideas in their mind, so that the Ouija predictions come true. I imagine this does happen in certain circumstances, but my experience was out-of-the-blue. AS a teen who wasn’t superstitious, I had been caught off guard by its reply. I also didn’t take its prediction of the man I would end up with to be serious and didn’t remember that it said I’d be with Ken until we’d been togther for years. Thanks for commenting.

    • Elizabeth June 13, 2012 at 7:15 pm

      24/04/2010 at 7:22 pmEP, If you don’t mind I will post a few stories, oesorvatibns and personal experiences with the paranormal, from time to time. I will try to be careful and as neutral as possible. Over my life, people who observed my interest in mysteries and the otherworldly have warned against the use of Ouija boards or any other method of contact with the spirit world. A Jehovah’s Witness friend was very adamant about it, as other Chistians I have known.The most vehement and compelling tale came to me while I was working in a small arts community in New Mexico. I was part of tight group of friends who gathered each night in a saloon there. One night I was regaling them with my repertoire of ghost tales. Suddenly a fellow I will call Jay said, Aw, bullshit! , and got up and started to walked away. He turned around and pointed to me and said, I want to talk to you . SO I finished the tale and went over to Jay, who was over a drink at the bar. Knowing what upset him, I said, Jay, I am very sorry if those tales upset you. Well, you should not tell ghost stories. They summon the spirits close. They can hear us, you know. If you want that I can tell you plenty of ways to do so. But once summoned, they will never leave you alone! Jay also explicitly warned about summoning evil to your prescence with the use of Ouija boards. He told me that his brother actually had been a professional exorcist, in Colorado. His brother had exorcised spirits who had followed Jay’s wacked-out girlfriend for 20 years after she fell off a deep-sea pier, nearly drowning. She was freed, but then the spirits began to follow his brother. It was intense enough that these demons tried to kill him, including grabbing the wheel of his car and running off the road. He only found relief above 10,000 feet in elevation, so, according to Jay, his brother lived high in the Front Range in a cabin above Boulder.Jay finished by explaining what spirits, demons and ghosts really are. It was strikingly similar to the explanations offered above, and other topics on this site. These entitites are beings trapped in another dimension, trying to return to this plane-by attaching themselves to living beings or imitating the (often repetitive) actions of the lives of the dead. This explains some of the often repetitive movements and locations of revenants. He concluded that shamans in every civilization eventually comes to these conclusions. Jay, are you still mad at me? No, he said with a smile. but remember what I said about this . I replied, I won’t ever do that in your presence again Just don’t do it, for your own safety. Now let’s have a drink . Years later, I am still reluctant to tell of my family’s and my own brushes with the otherworldly. I am not much of a Christian, but knowing that evil is that close makes one believe in the power of Invoking the Lord. No, I only heard this story. I can’t verify a thing, other than I was told it. However, that night changed my life, and makes me stop and think when talking of these things.

      • Kathleen June 13, 2012 at 9:17 pm

        Thank you for this interesting comment. I do believe it is possible to have positive paranormal contact, but under circumstances that you can control…I don’t believe a Ouija board gives its players any control, instead it is a crapshoot where anything, especially the negative can receive an invitation into our lives. Take care.

  2. Bernard June 13, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Well if you really want to get into it there are tips to get it to work, don’t think I’m a nut (I’m not saniyg I believe in the whole ouija thing or not, I will admit it’s really fun, at least when I played it with my friends) anyway here’s some tips:Don’t buy a ouija board, your supposed to get it from someone (someone who has mastered’ the craft, as my old friend said)You can make a ouija board, it’d probably be better than buying one, and I think it’s even better than getting one sometimes, depends on the board.Try to be serious, if you contact a spirit and ask “Is it okay if we laugh” and the spirit says it’s fine, then feel free to laugh, me and my friends did this and it was great XD but you should be respectful at first until you know the spirit will stay even if you laugh.You should focus, as hard as you can, as much as you can.If the planchette won’t move you can move it, just don’t think it’s a spirit cause your moving it, I heard moving it around in circles works, once you feel something youll know a spirit is moving it.Use the left side of your body, this is the side energy will flow from (so put your left hand on the planchette).Play at night, and no, you don’t have to be in a graveyard, but playing at night is better. White candle? If you want one. White flashlight? Sure. A lit room? I don’t know about that. We asked our spirit if it preferred the light on and it said it wanted it off so idk.Look online for more tips, but I think I covered most of them.Again not saniyg I believe or not, but I will say it’s fun, as long as one of you don’t get possessed, oh and ALWAYS TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, and please don’t be careless, just in case it IS real. Never let the planchette leave the board, always say a prayer in the beginning (I guess you don’t have to, but it’s said to be safer) A ring of salt around you and the board? Even safer. Don’t take anything the board says seriously, again some spirits like to take advantage and trick people, if it says your going to die just relax, after all it might be lying and trying to mess with you. ALWAYS SAY GOODBYE, if the spirit won’t say goodbye ask again nicely and if that doesn’t work say goobye, move the planchette across goodbye’ and put the board away. Never talk to evil spirits, always ask for good spirits.Those are the basic safety things, again you don’t have to follow them, the polie won’t arrest you, but . if you feel safer doing all that then go for it.

    • Kathleen June 13, 2012 at 5:55 pm

      Thanks for the tips. While I do not encourage anyone to use a Ouija, I know there are people who will still do so.

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