To learn how to clear your personal space, see last week’s post “Clearing Your Space and Removing Stagnate Energy.”

From time to time, people contact me about unnerving ghostly activity in their homes or offices and ask for advice on how to make it stop. Here’s what I share with them:

  • First, I ask, “Are you sure you want this energy to leave?” Is your personal fear of the unknown making you uncomfortable or is the entity truly negative and causing disruption in your life? For more information, see “Is It Safe to Interact with a Spirit?
  • If you need the spirit to vacate the premises, firmly—yet respectfully—tell it to leave. I believe the Almighty gives us power over spirits in our realm. Most spirits will go away when you ask them nicely.
  •  If that doesn’t work, use the power of prayer. Using the faith tradition that you are

most comfortable with, ask for divine assistance. I’ve prayed to the Almighty to send Archangel Michael to come and escort the spirit to where it belongs. Ask God to have all energy that isn’t assisting your family (or coworkers) removed from your space. The Great I Am will surround your loved ones and your home with heavenly light, protecting the structure and everyone residing there, if only you ask and believe it will be given to you.

  • If these tips don’t work, seek the assistance of a qualified clergy member or positively rooted psychic/medium to clear your space. I don’t advocate smudging white sage before you contact a professional. It is important to learn why the spirit is unwilling to leave. Smudging can only complicate a situation (I’ve read of an instance where it agitated the energy and led to more problems) if you don’t understand the reasons why the spirit is dwelling with you.

Choosing a psychic/medium

Look for a professional who has a positive outlook. Does this person say all spirits are evil or that they are constantly coming across demons? If so, beware. In my experience, I’ve found truly evil entities are rare. What does your gut tell you about this psychic? Is she happy, content? Or anxious and negative? It’s important that the person clearing your home doesn’t attract new negative entities to your space.

Here’s an example of what to avoid: Recently, a man with great ability in sensing spirits announced he was now clearing homes of bad energy. I shuddered. While he’s a nice person, he’s one who always sees the dark, but rarely the light. Even in places where there’s no history of paranormal activity, he’ll find evil there. It’s apparent to me that he attracts negative spirits to himself; which you don’t want in your home.

Of course, it’s always best if you can get someone you trust to recommend someone you’d feel comfortable with. If you don’t have anyone who can point you toward a skilled psychic, please read my post “How to Spot a Psychic Fraud.”