Some Christian denominations teach that all paranormal is evil, to discourage their flocks from dabbling with ghosts. This thinking is flawed as ignorance does nothing to prevent supernatural activity.

Believing spirits don’t exist won’t protect you.

Once, I lived in a condo where I frequently woke to find a shadow person standing by my bed. At that point in my life, I was emotionally shut off from the spirit world. Yet, I encountered something I didn’t understand and had no clue how to handle it. My former pastor’s teachings of “everything supernatural (outside the Holy Ghost) is evil” didn’t assist me. His sermons had the opposite effect; the paranormal horrified me.

Luckily, a kind psychic explained I had control and taught me some techniques, so I could take the steps I needed to feel safe in my home again.

In addition, many people are sensitive to the energies of others—both bodied and ethereal. It’s easy for them to be affected by emotions or emanations that aren’t theirs. This can take the form of a sudden mood change, fatigue or even illness. The only way to protect yourself from the energy around you is to become aware of what’s around you.

Recognize the benevolent side of the spirit world.

If you avoid everything supernatural, you are blocking positive visitations as well. What if your deceased, great grandmother comes calling, but you’re not paying attention?  She could’ve given you support or guidance. Or perhaps God sends a guardian angel to help you navigate a difficult time in your life, but you’re too frightened to accept heavenly aid?

Don’t risk missing an opportunity that may never come again.

Acquire knowledge from credible, positive sources.

Read. I like authors Doreen Virtue, Sanaya Roman, Dr. Jeffrey Millman and John Edward. Take classes. Meditate. Pray. And, read the Bible with an open mind.

Empower yourself!

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