Following a fairly recent murder/suicide in the paranormal community, I was stunned by the actions some ghost hunters took to try to contact the newly deceased.

Perhaps those investigators didn’t consider how distressing their behaviors were to others.

Responsibility should be integral to paranormal investigating. We must always approach this activity seriously and respectfully. I’m not saying we can’t have fun, as I believe playfulness is a great way to attract energy. But we must always consider how our approaches impact the living and the crossed over.

Many of us developed a passion for ghost investigations to gain a better understanding of the afterlife. We may want to assist the grieving. Or bring peace to those frightened by unknown energies.

But, turning death into a game is tacky at best.

I find it inappropriate when someone passes and that same day others compete to see who will be the first to contact the recently deceased. Further, when an investigator blasts on social media that they’ve made contact with that spirit, it seems like a shameful publicity tactic.

As one of my Facebook friends said, “Don’t seek fame standing on someone else’s casket.”

I believe those who’ve just passed through the veil have enough to deal with as they transition to the Other Side and that if they were to reach out to anyone, it would be to someone important to them. It’s arrogant for someone to think that a newly transitioned soul would make it a priority to communicate with them when that spirit has earth-bound loved ones in a state of shock.

Remember, we can’t take back something we’ve sent out into the web sphere. How would you feel if you saw that some stranger posted conversations they’d had with your recently deceased loved one (regardless of whether it was true or not)?

As paranormal investigators, it’s our duty to honor the spirits around us, as well as be considerate of the living who may know those energies.