A few weeks back, a man who I’ve found scary and perpetually angry approached us. Instead of becoming frightened and intimidated like I usually do when we encounter him, I used the technique I wrote about below in 2012. And, for the first time, he was not only civil, but he was friendly.

Why, oh why, do I keep doubting God’s power?

Arm yourself in love

While meditating, I once asked the heavenly hosts how I could deal with a woman who had twice tried to get me fired from my job. I had a meeting later that day and knew she would be in attendance.

The message I received was stunningly simple.

Send her God’s love.

Now, don’t roll your eyes (as I once would’ve). Many faiths believe in the healing power of love.

So right before I was to face her expected volcano of negativity, I found a quiet spot where I could be alone. I prayed to the Lord to fill me with heavenly light and love to such a degree that it would saturate every cell of my being. I asked God to use me as a conduit to send this most precious of all gifts to her.

I strolled into the classroom where our meeting was to take place. With sweating palms and my lurching stomach, I silently asked God to help me release my nervousness and to continue to fill me with love and positivity.

As soon as she entered the room, I focused my thoughts on sending waves of godly affection to her.

At first, she looked at me oddly.  I even detected a hint of surprise on her face.

Oh, Highest of Powers keep it coming. It’s working!

I smiled, finding I could relax and stay out of defense mode.

She returned the grin. And when she spoke, her usual cynical tone softened. God’s love neutralized her insecurity, anger and negative demeanor.

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After that experience, I try to make it a habit to send God’s adoration whenever I feel nervous about encountering someone I perceive as hostile. And, you know what? It’s worked every time, except when I start to doubt the Great I Am or refuse to relinquish my own negativity toward that person.

This technique works on two levels.

1) By allowing myself to be filled with heavenly positivity, I can release the fear and angst I felt.  Since energy attracts similar energies, when I rid myself of those lower emotions, I don’t feed the other person’s negative mindset.

2) The person who unexpectedly receives this drenching of love, is caught off guard and swept up in positivity that—at least for a short while—softens their demeanor.

Try this. You’ll be amazed, as I continue to be each time it works. You don’t have to love the person, just find room to send this most positive of emotions to him or her.