We are all psychic: Many of us just need to shake off the dust and hone our skills.

Awareness remains key to honing your sixth sense. So much of intuition gets ignored merely because we won’t pay attention to it. Heed the nagging suspicion in your mind and the strange thought that pops into your brain when you are ruminating on something else.

Very talented psychics are all around us.

Before my Goldfield Hotel experience, I thought gifted seers were a rarity. But that’s not the case. Since I’ve opened up with my experience (as detailed in my spiritual memoir, A Reluctant Spirit), I’ve learned quite a few of my friends have amazing gifts; they just don’t share this information with most people.

Transmissions take different forms.

  • A picture flashes in your mind.
  • A movie plays in your head.
  • A thought totally unrelated to what you were thinking pops in.
  • You see unexplainable movement out of the corner of your eye.
  • Electrical sensations pulsate over part of your body.

Many of us don’t realize we’ve had an experience until after it has passed.

As rational human beings, we have a tendency to look for logical explanations of strange happenings, and that’s good as no one wants to be duped. But it can take time to eliminate all the possibilities before we realize nothing can explain our experiences.

One of my top frustrations is I won’t realize I saw a spirit until days later. I don’t know why this happens. Perhaps my brain thinks I can’t handle it as it is happening. (But, I think I can. Probably.) Slowly, an unbidden image will form in my mind days later. It’s a delayed awareness, similar to having a dream, but not processing it until later.

Once I sat on the top stair in the Richardson House in Truckee, Calif., musing about this Victorian mansion’s history. The next week while strolling a high desert trail, I saw her. A woman in a forest green, plaid dress with a tiny waist and bustle climbing those steps. I’d watched the back of her brunette bun, as she held her head down. I have no idea if she had seen me while I sat on that top stair or if she was a residual energy (see my post on types of spirits).

Ugh! I hate when that happens. What if I could’ve engaged this soul from an earlier period? Learned about her life. Helped her in some way. An opportunity missed. Now, I pray that one day, I’ll be ready to see spirits in real time. And that when it happens, I’ll know what to do.

Build your awareness.

Listen to your inner voice. Write down your vivid dreams and odd thoughts. Stay skeptical to a degree. Ask the divine to help you be receptive and protected from negative energies.

We can all grow our intuitive abilities.