I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you—my blog readers. Your time is precious and I so appreciate you spending some of that time with my blog.

Honestly, this has been a fall that I’ve just wanted to speed through. Working to get the book out and publicize it during my job’s most hectic two months of the year made for a tiring schedule.

Writing is a solitary activity, so I’ve appreciated the emails and Facebook messages of support about  how my book or blog posts have touched you. It is that encouragement that keeps me driven to share my unique message of how the paranormal can enrich our daily and spiritual lives. It is also paramount to me that I create a place (free of judgment) where those who have had encounters with the Other World feel accepted despite living in a cynical world.

I wish you a Thanksgiving /Christmas season filled with the blessings of love, friendship, health and harmony.

Thank you.