Two instances in the past month have shown me that some don’t realize the power of love, its enduring nature and how the passing of the physical shell doesn’t lessen, but empowers this richest of all emotions.

While discussing a visitation dream I had with a crossed-over family member, another relative said, “No. That can’t be him.”

When I asked why, he said, “He never told anyone he loved them. We knew he did through his actions, but we never heard him utter that word.”

“But heaven is different,” I replied. “The cultural expectations of his generation dictated that men couldn’t get mushy. In the Other World those pressures don’t exist, but as those who’ve passed are closer to the absolute source of love than we are, they can more easily express love.”

The experiences I’ve had since 2007 at the Goldfield Hotel have strongly forged my belief. While I can’t scientifically prove it, I know this with certainty.

The second time someone questioned the enduring state of love happened in Truckee, California (see post “Spirits can coax us into experiences”). Marie*, the owner of a diner we held a ghost hunt field trip class in, was contacted by her departed father-in-law through the use of dowsing rods, a tool where spirits can supposedly use energy to swing the tips in directions to answer yes/no questions.

Near the end of the emotionally charged exchange, Marie asked, “Do you still love us?” The copper wires swung wide, indicating a strong “yes.” Her facial features relaxed in a sign of relief as she teared up.

I spoke up, “Love never dies.”

She emailed me a week later, thanking me for saying that. She said she’d found the dowsing rod experience a teachable moment, one where ghost hunting transcended the search for the spooky.

Many skeptics challenge the multitude of paranormal interactions that revolve around love. They find it trite. To me, since God is the epitome of love, it’s not surprising that so many instances of ghostly activity demonstrate love and its healing abilities.

And, I thank the Great I Am for that.

*Not her real name.