I’ve been blessed to be the manager of the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series. It gives me the ability to help others release their fears about those who’ve crossed over and about the spirit world. One concern I hear fairly often is the trepidation that since a deceased loved one has visited, it must mean they’re stuck on Earth.

I view heaven as a state of absolute freedom, including the ability to travel anywhere at any point in time. Love—both yours for the crossed-over one and the spirit of your loved one for you—draws the spirit to visit you.

During a previous investigation, one woman used dowsing rods to communicate with her deceased husband. “Are you always with me?” she asked his spirit.

The rods crossed, indicating “no.”

“Do you visit me regularly?”

The rods swung wide, “yes.”

In the ten-plus years I’ve worked on the ghost series, I’ve seen few instances of spirits trapped in our realm. It does happen, but it’s not that terribly common. Our loved ones visit us because our love for each other never dies (see post “Love on Earth differs from heaven’s”), and they are still interested in our lives.

If you truly suspect your departed dear one never ascended to heaven, ask yourself if the spirit may feel that someone in our realm needs them. If you suspect this may be possible, reassure that soul that you are fine and that it can visit you any time after it’s gone to the light.

Do you have a story to share about your loved ones visiting?