Patience has never been my personal virtue.

I wanted a publisher to sell my book, “A Reluctant Spirit,” years ago. I’d thought I could handle my discomfort revealing such intimate experiences that happened to me.

I was wrong. Thank God, the Most Divine had a different plan in mind.

Life led me on a rambling, curvy path that gave me time to grow comfortable with my story. At first, I was interviewed by small radio stations (with a listenership of probably 20). I spoke at some small events. Then I taught classes for the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series.

Each time I answered questions, I’d fight that inner voice that said “no one will believe you.” And, then I began to realize my toddler steps forward, along with time, were needed to build my confidence.

One day last January, “Coast to Coast AM,” an internationally syndicated radio program with more than 3 million listeners, called to interview me. Physically trembling, I made it through two hours of the interview and caller questions.

Now, I can own my history and not care if anyone doesn’t believe me.

Each decision I make and every task I take on prepares me for the future. When I wrote A Reluctant Spirit, I’d been stunned by how incidents throughout my life—starting in my childhood and leading up to the day KTVN asked me to join the investigative team—built upon each other to ready me for that pivotal night in the Goldfield Hotel. Each small activity, that individually may have seemed trivial, combined to mold me into the person I needed to be to not only endure such a strange night, but also to put it in perspective with my life and faith views.

When my ego pairs with my eagerness to succeed, I find it a monumental effort to stop myself from wanting it all now. I need to remind myself that it’s good to move forward, but that I also must stop counting the minutes and believe that all I encounter readies me for my future.

I hope this encourages you to do the same. Beating ourselves up for not reaching our goals as quickly as we may like is defeating. Only the divine knows when all those aspects will come together. When they do, we’ll be prepared for what we so desperately want whether it’s a new career, a soul mate, a fulfilled aspiration or anything else.