Thank you to Nichole Diaz for writing this guest blog. Her method for handling darkness is inspired and I’m thrilled to have her share her philosophy with us.

As a little girl, my fear of the dark overwhelmed me. I’d stay awake as long as possible to keep an eye open for whatever was watching me and waiting for me to not pay attention. The night terrors almost paralyzed me at times. Some nights just to feel safe, I’d sneak into my parents’ room and sleep on the floor next to their bed. That scared child of my youth had to rely on what she’d been taught: the fear of the unknown.

While growing into an adult made me feel safer at night, I was still leery that something watched me. It wasn’t until I became comfortable with myself and developed a relationship with the light that I saw the situation more clearly: I am a being of light with such brilliance, it shines like the most radiant star in the night sky.

My intuitive guidance has taught me that darkness is nothing to fear. My mind wants to disagree with this belief by bringing up the last scary movie I watched or recalling a story I was told when I was little. But, I remind myself that light attracts the darkness to give it the love it needs. When it comes down to it, a being of darkness is drawn to this brightness because it wants to be light.

My fear of the dark, for the most part, has faded away. There are still moments when I allow the old teachings rise to the surface and I feel that “Oh, no, what was that?” At times like those, I need only to remind myself of who I am: a being of light and love.

Any time I sense something is near, I

  • say out loud, “I call in a white light of protection,”
  • call in the light to fill my entire body, and
  • let the darkness know it has two options—go back to where it came from or stay and be healed by light and love.

Since practicing this method, I’ve felt a lot safer. I’ve found it’s a very powerful tool to know nothing can overcome who we really are.

Nichole Diaz is an intuitive healer and life coach.