See my post on the signs of dream visitations. Here are the first of the stories so many of you have shared with me. Thank you to Jessica, Julie, Bryon and Joyce for sharing their experiences. I’ve edited for length and clarity to try to preserve their voice.

Julie and her father

My father passed away from kidney failure in 1995 at the very young age of 60. At the time, I lived in Tempe, Arizona, and my father was in Kingman, Arizona. I attended the memorial service and stayed in Kingman for a few days afterward before driving home to Tempe.

The night I arrived home, I had a very clear, lucid dream. It felt very real, more so than my other lucid dreams. In the dream, I was in the backyard, getting ready to get into the pool, but a Gila monster blocked my way. It was huge—about three feet long—and it chased me around the backyard. I screamed and cried hysterically, calling for help, because I thought I was going to die. All of a sudden I stopped and the Gila monster stopped.

A feeling of peace washed over me as I saw Dad walk around the corner. He kind of glowed and looked like he was in his 30s or 40s. He appeared super clean. He smiled at me and calmly picked up the lizard. He held it under one arm and twisted its massive head, breaking its neck. Then, he casually tossed it over the fence like it was no big deal. He rinsed his hands in the pool and shook them dry.

He walked to me and said, “I will always be here to slay your dragons.” I was shocked; I knew he was dead.  Him being there made no sense. I watched him walk around the corner and vanish. I was unable to speak.

I woke up immediately in tears, and still have a few as I write this. The rest of the night I slept well. It was a beautiful experience. I can still feel his energy around me every now and then. I feel he knows what’s going on in my life and that I have his support.

Jessica and her grandfather

I have one true experience with a departed loved one: My grandfather. I have always felt his presence; however, a couple weeks after he died in 2001, he came to me in dream. In it, I stood in my house, but all the walls, floors and ceilings were rushing water. It was all I could see. But I knew my grandfather was inside.

I walked to him and he began to talk to me—not verbally, but telepathically. He told me how much he loved me and that he would always be around. He then bent down and handed me a small wooden box. I opened it, finding a gift. He just smiled at me.

Even though this dream happened 14 years ago I remember it like it was yesterday. I hold it near and dear to my heart.

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Bryon and his mother

My mother returned to me several times in powerful night visions wearing the bright red dress she was buried in to tell me dad wasn’t saved. She said I had to tell him. I replied, “He’ll think I’m out of my mind.” She told me I had to.

My dad was an elder in a church and I knew it would be difficult for him to accept he wasn’t saved. Mom made me tell him three times, then she said I’d done all that I could.

She glowed with brilliance every time I saw her.  When dad died she told me, “Dad is not with me in heaven, he’s still there with you.” She showed him blindfolded. He was confused.

Later, I saw him several times in spirit. The last time I heard from him was like a phone call. He told me he thought his bill had been paid but now saw it wasn’t. He was crying. I asked him if he was at the old house in Pearl and he said yes. I told him to stay there. I didn’t know what else to say.

Joyce and her dad

My dad visits me in my dreams to give me guidance. He doesn’t look like he did when sick; he always looks like he did when he was at his happiest.