One of the best experiences an investigator can have is interacting with affirming energies. While location can play a role in finding happy, inquisitive and kind entities, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of having an enjoyable encounter. They are:

Have fun. Send out positivity. Create a lively atmosphere by singing, telling jokes or playing music. When at the Goldfield Hotel during a séance, two people in our group got the message that the spirits were gathering around us because they found us entertaining. (For another example, see “Dancing with the Ghosts.”)

Be in a good mood. If you’re depressed or angry, reschedule your investigation for when you’ve recovered your calm demeanor. Strong, lower (negative) emotions will attract the same from the heavenly realm.

Use empathy and treat spirits as you would people. Be kind and respectful. Introduce yourself when you enter a seemingly empty room. Explain what you’re attempting to do.

Know the history so you can better relate to the spirit. Try to imagine what life was like for people in the era when that building or site was most active, so you can conduct a more relevant interview. Tailor your questions to that environment; something you’d ask at an old mining camp could be different from one you’d ask inside a castle.

Jeff Foss, KTVN videographer, in the Goldfield Hotel ballroom in 2007. Photo taken by Kathleen Berry.











Don’t indulge in drugs or alcohol. To maintain control and the integrity of the investigation, you must be of sound mind.

Don’t assume everyone is stuck or they want to go to the light. Most entities I’ve encountered can come and go between realms as they please. If they’re earth-bound, you can ask if they’d like assistance going to the light. Some aren’t ready to do so as they have unfinished business. Don’t force your spiritual beliefs on them. Of course, if they want to move on, help them do so. Ask for angelic assistance if you’re unsure of how to proceed.

Control your fears. To be your best, you must set your fears aside, feeling confident in your method of protection (i.e., white light, angels, prayer) and by setting your boundaries (See “Set Your Boundaries”). Determine what interactions you’re okay with and let the spirit realm know your rules. If you’re strong in your personal space, you’ll be more open to interaction and better embrace curiosity.

Give back. Some investigators make continual demands on spirits to prove they exist. Instead, reach out to them. I’ve seen psychics leave whiskey and cigars. I left flowers at an old stage stop, and received a decent EVP afterward (See “Buckland Station Stirs with Spirits”). We’re all suckers for a thoughtful gesture.

What methods have you used to create a more positive environment for paranormal investigating?