When you fully permit the Great I Am to work through you, you’ll reap a multitude of blessings: peace, a sense of purpose and joy, among others.

But to be the best instrument the Most Divine can use, you must cede control and be open to the journey ahead. Faith, after all, can mean walking blindly through the black of night, while believing you’ll get where you need to go. Trusting you’re being led and that if you stumble, you’ll be lifted up. Knowing you have a sacred purpose to achieve, even if you don’t realize what it is.









You are worthy. You are valued. Whatever’s been told to you otherwise is wrong.

You are a creation of the Almighty, and you’re on Earth for a reason. Whether it’s to grow into a more compassionate human being and touch lives on an individual basis, or to work in a capacity that can initiate change on a larger scale, heed the urge: God’s whispers gently guiding you down the right path. It might mean veering onto a route that appears more difficult to tread. But don’t question it. Do it.

Sure it’s uncomfortable, but it’s rewarding. Completely trusting the Universal Power can seem like living without a net, except God’s hands are open, ready to catch us.

For me, this is easy to write, but difficult to maintain. Why? Because I tend to glom onto the illusion that I’m in control of my life and where I’m going. It’s the arrogance of ego that has me slowly retake the reins, while convincing myself that I’m still permitting the Most Divine to work as needed. My ego decides what I should have, what I should do and when. Then my strategy doesn’t pan out how I imagine it should. That’s when I fall. That’s when everything turns bleak.

But it really isn’t.

Even when I’m most stubborn, I’m being watched over by the Great I Am, who everlasting patience and unconditional love for me (and all of us) cannot be depleted. There are lessons I need to learn. Some—such as remembering to “let go and let God”—I experience over and over to the point of frustration.

But I’m never alone. For God has never given up on me. Telling me that I matter. That we all matter. A love so all encompassing, I can’t comprehend its depth. I think of how many times I’ve let the Great I Am down, but in actuality I haven’t. The Universal Power created us as human. Flawed. This is how we expand, harness the light, accept the love and distribute it to everyone we meet.

You are incredibly important.

Know that you are adored and cherished. And that the heavens are rooting for you to be victorious. Meditate. Pray. Then, allow the Great I Am into your life and see where that takes you.