While I’d love to live a serene life, I haven’t been able to consistently maintain this state. I recognize that inner peace is a process, one that doesn’t just magically appear to alleviate the trials of existence. But I crave to experience it more.

For me, life can go through periods of roller coaster highs and lows. As much as I try to remember lessons I’ve learned, I still experience times of deep frustration, disappointment and anger.

Photo by Marc Girardi, freeimages.com

Photo by Marc Girardi, freeimages.com

And, many times, I direct that negativity toward myself.

When I catch myself foundering, I recite this prayer for perspective and encouragement to treat myself more kindly:

Dear God:

Thank you for your unconditional love that bolsters me when I feel incapable of loving myself.

Thank you for your enduring patience.

Thank you for showing you’ll never give up on me.

Thank you for standing beside me, even when I’m preoccupied with life’s challenges and don’t acknowledge you.

Knowing you are here and find me worthy of your attention gives me strength.


What do you do to reverse your negative back talk?