Free will presents the illusion of power

The Supreme Being gave us free will—the opportunity to choose our own way of thinking and acting. The Great I Am doesn’t force us to seek the divine, but instead waits with patience for us to say, “I’m listening. Please guide me.”

It can be monumentally difficult to give up the illusion that we’re in control and possess the ultimate power in our lives. Why? Because it’s easy to convince ourselves that we know what’s best. We don’t realize that by focusing on our personal agendas, we’ll likely run in circles or meander in a different direction than we were meant to go.

When we obsess about a challenge and try to figure out how to make it turn out our way, we’re not open to other options, even if those are better.

Photo by Christopher Bruno,

Let’s cede our expectations so we can fully live in faith

When I fully release myself to God, I find I’m more passionate about life and empowered by the possibilities created by allowing the divine to work.

And, that’s the key: being empowered—an internal fulfillment—versus being powerful, an external perception.

Each day, I pray for assistance to release my daily expectations so I can be open to the heavenly prompts revealing opportunities to explore and ways to assist others. I’ve stopped (for the most part) regimenting my time when I’m not at work. If I don’t receive inspiration to write a post, but feel prompted to take a walk, I follow that lead. I’m taking more time for myself. I’m eliminating as many “shoulds” as possible in my world.

Not everything is about you. But everything shapes you.

When you’re uniquely equipped to help with a situation, do it. When your gut tells you to reach out to someone, do it. When it’s time to keep your mouth shut and let someone vent, do it. Every seemingly minor conversation and small step you take furthers you along your path.

The more often you heed those divine nudges, the easier it becomes to trust that God really does know what is best for you. Only then are you able to make room for what the Most Divine has in store. When you stop focusing on one outcome, possibilities take root.

Release what you believe you deserve.

Know you deserve the “good”— joy, love, abundance and health. Just don’t try to determine the shape “good” takes. Allow it to unfold naturally and don’t limit yourself by putting your desires in a small box. Many times, the result will be more magnificent than you ever imagined.

Release all thoughts, beliefs and fears that are not serving your higher purpose.

Increase your awareness of what mental messages you are sending yourself. Consider praying to the Universal Power to help you release anything that’s keeping you from reaching your potential, even if you don’t believe you are harboring such thoughts. Just setting this intention is enough to help alter your mindset.

Dream. Soar. Be open to anything!