Kathleen Berry to teach “Ghosts, God and the Afterlife,” a TMCC spirituality class

I’ve taught noncredit classes for Truckee Meadows Community College before, but this will be my first spirituality class and I’m excited! I’ll present “Ghosts, God and the Afterlife” on Wed., Oct. 7 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the TMCC Meadowood Center in Reno, Nevada. Advance registration is required. This is the most in-depth presentation [...]

My Christianity has always been mystical

I’ve been studying Christian mysticism to better understand my spiritual path and prepare for a class I’m teaching on “God, Ghosts and the Afterlife” in October at Truckee Meadows Community College. Through this exploration, I’m discovering that I didn’t become a mystic after my transformational Goldfield Hotel experience. Rather, my life’s journey to seek out [...]

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A real-life example of “God works in mysterious ways”

God orchestrates everything in our lives. Last fall, I encountered yet another instance: one that defied all logic. A charming woman (I’ll call her Ada), very well-known among Western U.S. ghost hunters, was recovering in a rehabilitation center from a bad fall. About to be released to her rural home, she sank into depression, worrying [...]

We all judge

When my post, “My Christianity is as valid as yours” went live, I received cheers of support through every type of electronic communication. Believe me, I sincerely appreciate those communiqués. The problem is that many of my supporters started judging those who were judging me. My intent was not to stir emotions to roil more [...]

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The Bible advocates using intuitive abilities

Life is an ongoing exercise in seeking balance. Take something great and use it wrong and you'll most likely get disappointing results. The same is true of our god-given sixth sense, whether it be a psychic inkling, dream message or visit from a guardian angel. I've met  people who've been blessed with great intuitive abilities, [...]

God created nature, so God is in nature

The Great I Am dazzles me every time I venture beyond the city limits. Mother Nature brims with such heavenly energy that no manmade sanctuary could ever feel as holy as God’s deserts, meadows, alpine heights, oceans, lakes and forests. Someone I love claims to live without spirituality. But I disagree. I see his countenance [...]

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