Creative paranormal investigating reaps benefits

During the séance I attended that pivotal night in the Goldfield Hotel, a woman sitting beside me said the ethereal entities around us found us entertaining. She saw a mental picture of our investigative team on a stage and the spirits in the audience, happy. In a time where some paranormal investigators make constant demands [...]

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Parting Curtains

For many months after my life-altering Goldfield Hotel experience (GFH), I’d have rather been pinned to the ground and covered in fire ants than to enter that haunted edifice again. I stayed mentally overwhelmed. The experience loomed over me every day. I was unsure of what I knew. Frightened of what else could happen. I [...]

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Consequences of spending the night in a haunted hotel

A sleeping bag and pillow figured prominently among the belongings I hauled to Goldfield, Nevada. Honestly, I anticipated a snore-fest—a tedium of wandering long, Spartan halls and cloned guestrooms that would make any intelligent woman long for a good night’s sleep. But fate finds pleasure in pitching monkey wrenches at our expectations. Here are some [...]

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