Ban the negative self-talk and appreciate your worth

Like me, you probably push forward, reaching for lofty goals: some attainable, some not. That’s great. We all need to pursue our dreams. But how do you react when falling short of your own expectations? Do you bully yourself by engaging in negative self-talk? Do you believe you’re unworthy of success? We may routinely [...]

Want more love in your life? Pay attention to what you’re putting out in the Universe.

Love. We all want it. But many of us don’t realize we already possess it. While at this moment we may not be in the throes of romantic adoration, it doesn’t mean that love isn’t present and contributing to our well-being. This exceptional gift takes many forms, whether it’s: A friend’s willingness to truly listen [...]

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Why are some people wildlife magnets?

Steve* hiked up a rise in Wyoming on a late June morning. Atop the neighboring hill, an antelope watched him. He mimicked the animal’s call and the female pronghorn sprinted toward him, paused, called back and loped toward him. She continued this pattern until she stopped about 10 feet away from him. Once again, Steve [...]

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