The unintended “side effect” of ghost hunting: connecting with your departed loved ones

Imagine this. During a paranormal investigation, you’re hoping to make contact with history—the spirits connected to a location, land or item. Instead you find yourself facing a crossed over loved one. Why would that happen? The spirit sees: You’re open to the idea of an encounter You’re concentrating on the present moment You’ve quieted [...]

The most precious gift

My footfalls on the drab linoleum echo against the institutional, cream-colored walls. Don’t let me be too late. I pause outside the darkened room to compose myself. Family sit in chairs huddled around the hospital bed. My eyes haven’t adjusted so I can’t see her, but I hear labored breathing. Ruby’s still alive. I’ve never [...]

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Science shows consciousness survives physical death

University of Arizona Professor Gary Schwartz, PhD believes he has proven that death is not the end of our individual existences. In his book, The Afterlife Experiments, he discusses his pivotal study of mediums and after-death communications. Schwartz, who earned his doctorate at Harvard and taught at Yale, headed  UA’s former Human Energy Systems Laboratory, now [...]

Our souls live on

Once I feared death. Although I’d always believed in heaven, death terrified me. Its finality. The way it wrenched our special ones away from us. Death seemed a punishment. And no one—not even the most righteous—escaped it. I no longer dread the Reaper. I know without a doubt, the afterlife exists and our passing from [...]

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