Imagine this. During a paranormal investigation, you’re hoping to make contact with history—the spirits connected to a location, land or item. Instead you find yourself facing a crossed over loved one.

Why would that happen? The spirit sees:

  • You’re open to the idea of an encounter
  • You’re concentrating on the present moment
  • You’ve quieted your mind and are paying attention to subtle energy shifts
  • You may feel safer about interacting with spirits since you’re part of a team

At almost every investigation I’ve coordinated, there’s been someone who’s unexpectedly received healing visits from dear departed loved ones, whether it’s messages or their presence to give that paranormal investigator strength. Each time, it’s been a very positive encounter.

I’ve witnessed spirits use primarily two means to make contact with those they know: through dowsing rods or through an intuitive who’s participating in the investigation. Dowsing rods are two copper rods you hold loosely in your hands to ask yes/no questions. You instruct the spirits that they can move the rods apart for a “no” or cross the rods to convey “yes.” You don’t need to speak out loud, just in your mind.

Psychics pick up on a variety of energies and as they start relaying specific details that the spirits communicate, someone may recognize those facts as being pertinent to them. The last investigation I took part in, the psychic tapped into the energy of someone from the Other Side who’s very important to me. I’d felt his familiar energy sitting on the couch next to me, and I’d suspected I knew whom it was before the psychic mentioned him. She not only accurately described the man, but also knew that he was connected to me. She validated my instincts. I’d been going through a prolonged health struggle and he was there to give me strength.

Of course, if you’re a seasoned investigator, your departed dear one could contact you through any piece of equipment you’re proficient in using.

It’s interesting that most people who are contacted by loved ones aren’t seeking out that connection. Instead they were focused on experiencing the paranormal in general. I do believe when we are desperate to communicate with a specific known spirit, it can indicate that we aren’t emotionally ready for an encounter.

Moral of the story: When ghost hunting, be prepared for anything or anyone to come through.