See my first five tips posted three weeks ago.

6 ~ Wait to learn of a locale’s paranormal activity.

For me, having the personal confidence I’m not concocting information based on previously shared information makes it less likely for me to taint initial evidence. That said, I do think it is good to have one person in your group knowledgeable about a place’s haunting background to provide validation of findings or ask targeted questions during EVP sessions.

7 ~ Educate yourself on the building’s history to ask relevant questions.

By knowing what the building was used for, when it was built and who inhabited it, you can conduct a more meaningful recording session that may better resound with the spirits there.

8~ Be a polite guest.

When investigating, excuse yourself for interrupting when entering a seemingly vacant room, then introduce yourself and be pleasant. Always keep in mind, “What makes me more apt to respond to a stranger?” and act accordingly.

9 ~ Control your environment.

By far, this can be the most difficult aspect to achieve. For a conference I coordinated at Lake Tahoe’s Cal Neva Resort, I rented a variety of rooms for our function. Unfortunately, a rambunctious wedding reception was taking place while we investigated the tunnels below, corrupting any evidence we might have found. Even our EVP attempts in other rooms were undermined by roaming, inebriated party-goers.

When you hunt, know where everyone is, so that when you hear or see something unusual, you can eliminate the possibility that a bodied person caused the activity.

10 ~ Save the booze for later

I’m sure you’ve heard the taunts toward people who report UFO sightings when intoxicated. They have no credibility. It is important to keep your mind butcher-blade sharp.

Please share your top tips with me.

We can all learn from each other. I’d love to hear your best advice as well.