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With ESP, you’ll enjoy riches

On several occasions, Ken has asked me why the gifted psychics I know aren’t wealthy. He asks, “If they can see into the future, why don’t they find out what stocks to invest in. Wouldn’t they do this for financial security?”

I believe you receive the messages you are meant to receive, and that God doesn’t intend for this gift to be used for get rich schemes.

Intuition guides me to live as a better human and Christian. Sometimes, I’m not cognizant of the divine advice I receive, until after the fact. I see this gift as a means to furthering my spiritual journey.

Psychics read minds 24/7

One of the first times I spoke to a psychic/medium, I was so obsessed with the thought she was reading my mind, I couldn’t focus on the conversation. This isn’t a concern for me anymore.

For one, ethical seers don’t pry into others’ thoughts without their permission.

Secondly, who would want to endure knowing everyone’s thoughts? It’d be an overload of information, most of which the psychic could care less about.

I’d love to hear about any misconceptions you’ve noticed about ESP as well.