At various times, I’ve regularly attended Methodist, Unitarian, Assembly of God and non-denominational Bible churches. Each place of worship gave me skills to carry through life and I’m glad to have had those experiences.

However, today I’m closer to the Great I Am than I was when I sat in the pews every Sunday.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve no problem with others’ religious faiths. It’s just that, for me, belonging to an organized sect doesn’t feed my soul anymore.

Human intermediaries are not for me.

With guidance from the Holy Spirit, guardian angels and the Bible, I use my intellect, heart and soul to determine how to live a spiritual Christian life. I’m fostering a direct relationship with my God, one that doesn’t need a middleman.

I practice my faith with what speaks to my heart.

I regularly study the Bible. But I don’t take every word literally. I understand the Good Book was written to resound with an ancient culture—one that didn’t see women as equal and condoned slavery. And, as I wrote in an earlier post, there are more than 20 different English versions of the Bible, so I concentrate on my Savior’s main teaching points on love, responsibility and being a good Christian.

In addition to reading verses, I meditate most mornings to create a peaceful time, an invitation to God, one that says I’m listening. I also pray every day.

I surround myself with spiritual people.

Most of my friends possess a strong spirituality. I enjoy fellowship with Christians of many denominations, as well as those with differing spiritual views. I respect and appreciate the differing perspectives they offer, ones that many times reveal great similarities in our doctrines, even though my religion differs from theirs.

God created us as individuals.

Empower yourself by practicing your faith, your way. No one has a right to tell you your beliefs are wrong. Tap into your intuitive abilities for divine guidance and follow your heart and soul’s yearning for a closeness with the Great I Am. You will be right with God.