I’ve taken part in a variety of ghost investigations.

Through managing the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, my participation in early KTVN ghost hunt news segments (as documented in my memoir, A Reluctant Spirit) and conducting independent paranormal quests, I’ve experienced a wide range of investigation styles. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some of the nation’s best investigators and psychics/mediums, giving me insight into what works best for me.

My top suggestions

1 ~ Right your mindset.

When I coordinate the college’s ghost hunts, I rarely experience paranormal activity, even though others in my group may. That’s because I’m in work mode and not in an open, relaxed state of mind.

Prepare yourself for an investigation by

  • meditating just before you enter the building to calm your thoughts;
  • asking for divine protection to alleviate fear and gain confidence;
  • requesting God fill you with his heavenly love and light to attract the most positive of spirits; and
  • attempting not to “try too hard,” as the more aggressively you seek out a paranormal encounter, the less likely it’ll happen.

2 ~ Smaller is better.

The larger the group I’m in, the less likely I am to witness anything significant. The multitude of energies in a large group makes it difficult for me to differentiate a spirit’s energy from that of a bodied person.

My most productive paranormal searches have been with teams of seven or less, and when no one but our group is in the building.

3 ~ The best teams feature diverse skills

Every investigation should have an expert representing each of the following specialties:

  • psychic/medium,
  • technological (electronic voice phenomena, photography and more) expert and
  • historian.

When these talents commingle, they generate increased results along with individual validations of ghost contact.

4 ~ Minimize team intrusions

Eliminate evidence corruptions by asking group members to

  • wear soft-soled shoes (to cut down on noise),
  • not apply fragrance (spirits can present themselves through scent),
  • leave jangly, noisy jewelry or key rings at home (they corrupt EVP) and
  • forego sparkly clothing or jewelry (they create false photo orbs).

5 ~ Conduct EVP in short bursts and listen to it where it was recorded.

Precious opportunities can be missed due to uncovering EVP once the hunt ends. By listening to the recorder right after conducting a hopefully successful paranormal conversation, you can follow up on what the spirits said. One hunt I attended recorded the EVP “help me.”  Unfortunately, this wasn’t realized until weeks after the investigation; too late to provide any assistance.

Look for my final five tips in three weeks.