See my previous post, “Before you cast out that spirit, ask yourself a few questions.”

After ruminating on the questions I posed last week, you should now have a better idea of what kind of action you want to take in regard to the haunting of your house.

You have control over the entity.

This is our realm and the Great I Am has given us the power to set boundaries with ethereal beings or to ask them to leave us alone. Please treat the spirit with respect, the same way you’d like to be told if it were the other way around.

For example: You’re okay coexisting with a ghost, but you’re tired of screaming when it gazes back at you from the bathroom mirror. Have a conversation with the energy, such as, “I’d like us to get along and will allow you to stay if you find a gentler way to get my attention.” You can make suggestions as well on what is acceptable for you: “When you want my attention, can you turn on the radio?”

You’ve determined it’s a negative entity. Or you just want it to leave and stay away.

First, pray for divine protection and guidance. Then, be direct with the entity. Tell the spirit it makes you uncomfortable and needs to return to where it belongs. In the vast majority of cases, this request will take care of the problem.

If that doesn’t work, safely burn white sage (you can crumble it into a nonflammable open container) and smoke the premises. As you smoke the windows, room perimeters and doorways (keep the house closed up, so the smoke can cleanse), tell the entity it is unwelcome and that it must leave now. Evoke God’s name (whomever you believe in) and pray aloud for divine assistance to rid your home of this energy.

Lastly, if you continue to experience the same paranormal entity, call in a religious leader or a positively-grounded psychic or medium to clear your house.

Have you had a spirit in your home? If so, how did you handle it?