Thank you to regular reader, D.B., for requesting this post.

In the time I’ve been involved with paranormal education, I’ve heard remarkable stories about people encountering the supernatural in their bathrooms. Here are the most recent ones I’ve heard, directly from the eyewitnesses themselves. (Names have been changed to respect their privacy.)

Mirror apparitions

Upstairs in the Odeon Building in Truckee, California is a stage where performances had delighted lumbermen and railroad workers during this town’s heyday.  Mac, a temporary caretaker for the Odeon, had finished his early morning jog and decided to get cleaned up for work in the building’s dressing room, instead of driving home. He entered the large, two-story vacant store and locked himself in. After the shower, he dried off and wrapped a towel around his waist. As Mac looked in the mirror a woman appeared just behind and to the side of him. Staring at him. Mac said it was all he could do to grab his clothes and not run out onto the main street in a towel!

Jason lived in the basement of his parents’ home. One day, walking down the hall, he saw a face—that of an Asian man—looking back at him in the restroom mirror. Startled, he thought someone was in the house, but when he looked inside the bathroom, no one was there. Later, he found out that the home’s first owner was an Asian male who’d taken his life in that house.

Visiting orb

Mary awoke at 2 a.m. and went to the restroom to relieve herself. As she sat on the toilet, she watched a bright white ball zip horizontally into the room and then hover eye-level in front of her. She watched it in puzzlement until it vanished. Mary lives on a cul-de-sac and a car’s light wouldn’t have been able to come from the same angle as the orb flew in from. She also said the light was so dense she couldn’t see through it.

So why do people have paranormal experiences in bathrooms?

I don’t think spirits wait for us to visit the commode.  Instead, it’s our relaxed, contemplative states of mind that are free from distractions, allowing us to be more open to experiences. Or, perhaps it’s just easier for spirits to capture our attention in such a confined space.

Remember, the Most Supreme Being gives us control over spirits who visit our realm. If you are uncomfortable with something seeking you out in the restroom, set your boundaries and ask God to keep that space clear of other energy.

What are your theories regarding bathroom ghosts?