Matthew 7:1 Do not judge or you too will be judged.

Unless you attend the same church and share similar backgrounds, chances are your version of Christianity is different from your neighbor’s. I believe this is what God intended since he created us as individuals and not clones.

Christianity has a distinguished history of diverse beliefs.

According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, 33,000 denominations worldwide make up the Christian faith (other estimates peg it as high as 41,000 sects). Compounding our different beliefs—as I pointed out in my post, “Good Christians can believe in the paranormal”—there are more than 20 different English translations of the Bible.

With this many interpretations, you’d think that Christians would be open-minded about their brethren’s variations of the faith. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at times.

One of the primary reasons I hesitated in writing my memoir was that I feared ridicule from those who’d judge me as harshly as I once would’ve done. I steeled myself for the day when it would happen, as I knew it must.

My first encounter with angry Christians happened three weeks ago, the night of my interview about my book on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. The first damning email showed up 30 minutes prior to the show, and others followed over the next 24 hours.

I don’t need to defend my Christian views.

My beliefs are the result of what I’ve learned while on my spiritual path, including personal Bible studies and the experiences the Most Divine has guided me through. I’ve forged a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the Great I Am, and reaped many blessings. I love Christ and Christ is in my heart.

As I don’t expect anyone to believe as I do, others shouldn’t be threatened by my faith. I respect everyone’s spiritual path and, in return, I want the same respect.

Go ahead and tell me you’re worried I’m heading for hell, if it makes you feel better. Just be respectful in doing so.

Pray for me, if you’d like. We can all use people praying for us.

However, you have no right to condemn me. Worry about your own soul.

And, if you’re trying to trap me in the small box bound by a fear of God (like I once was in)…no thank you!

My views are no more or less valid than yours.