Some TV ghost hunters sound like old time revival preachers: “There was a demon to my right, demon to my left, demons encircling me!”

I disagree with this philosophy. Demons are not around every corner waiting to mess with us. I’d like to say they’re a myth, but when I see the evil in our world, I know that same energy must exist in the spirit realm as well.

3 reasons why people encounter demons

  • They’re intentionally seeking out the most negative energies ~ think of the TV ghost hunters working to create an entertaining episode by provoking the spirit world.
  • They’re unintentionally attracting evil through their own negativity ~ they live in a perpetually dark state possibly due to enduring a particularly challenging time of life.
  • They’re overly fearful of the devil and they give off this emotion ~ something that happens when people have been exposed to fear-based rather than love-based theology.

Today, I’d like to discuss the third bullet: fear.  As I’ve said in my book, A Reluctant Spirit, and in multiple blog posts, I believe the energy you generate is the type you’ll encounter.

My view is that demons not only use fear to their advantage, but they are also rooted in it and cannot exist outside of it.

My heart breaks when I meet a loving person who’s been tormented by evil. Sometimes, I wonder if the spirit is evil or if the person just judges the unknown that way. When we’re scared, we are more likely to view the unusual as negative rather than positive.

Recently, a friend confided in me a demon terrified her for years. It had touched her and even moved with her when she took another home. Eventually, she met a Christian woman who cleared her space, banishing the negativity and giving my friend peace of mind.

Throughout our conversation, I detected hints that she feared the Most Divine wouldn’t protect her. She’d believed that God allowed this to happen, so the seeds of trepidation remained in her life.

As it was obvious to me she possessed a great intuitive gift, I asked if any positive energies had ever visited her. She blurted out, “No.” But as we talked and I explained our fear of the unknown, she did recall a couple situations, where in hindsight, she wondered if a crossed-over loved one had visited. She’d been so scared she shelved those visits in the same bookcase as her demonic experiences.

If you are going through something similar, try these steps:

  • Pay attention to your reaction when you sense a spirit. Is the fear originating from inside you (i.e., terror of the unknown) or is the energy projecting it?
  • What were you dwelling on when you experienced this spirit? Were you in a positive or negative mindset?
  • Ask God for discernment about whether you should engage this energy.
  • If you still sense evil, politely ask the spirit to leave. If it doesn’t disappear, then bring in an expert to clear your space.

For further tips, read my post, “Is It Safe to Interact with a Spirit?”

Don’t live in fear of demons. If you do, evil wins. Trust the Most Divine and trust yourself.